How do I get my group discount?
The group discount will be automatically applied to each entry when you have five or more tickets in your shopping cart.

Can I apply other discounts in conjunction with the group discount?
No, you can either checkout using a promotional discount or the group discount, if you qualify, never both. Promotional discounts must be entered manually during checkout, whereas group discounts apply automatically during checkout. 

Can I add more people to my booking?
You will need to make a new booking. Group discounts are applied per booking only.

Can I run with a group of friends?
Yes, please make sure you all enter the same start wave.

Is the run a race?
Big Bounce Run is not a race. This is all about having fun and taking part with friends and family.

Is there a time limit?
No, we don’t focus on time tracking or competition. Once you are on the course, you can complete the run as fast or as slowly as you like. There is no pressure to run; you can walk the entire course at your leisure.

What time should I show up to the event?
We suggest you arrive 30 - 60 minutes ahead of your scheduled timeslot. Please go straight to the Registration tents to get your colored wristband and hand in your waiver 

What should I wear?
Want to get dressed up for the run? Go for it! We would recommend light running clothing and good running shoes. A rain jacket is also a good idea if we have wet conditions on the day.

What should I bring?
Your ticket, some ID, your gear and some cash. We would also encourage you to bring sunscreen and a water bottle or camel pack.

Can I bring my friends and family to watch?
Yes, but why not encourage them to enter and give it a go!? Please do also share a car if possible as parking may be limited at the venue.

Is there parking available?
Parking is charged $10 per car, VIP parking is $20 per car (subject to availability), only cashless payment will be accepted.

Where can I store my things?
We have a bag-drop ($5) where you can safely leave your stuff until you have completed the course.

Can I skip sections on the course?
Yes, if you don't feel like doing a particular obstacle, just walk around it.

Is there an age limit?
Big Bounce Run is open for ages 8 and up, with a minimum height requirement of 42". Children aged 15 and under must be accompanied by a participating adult at all times (max 4 children per 1 adult). It is up to parents to use proper judgment when helping youngsters decide which obstacles to do or to skip based on their ability, size, and confidence levels. A parent or legal guardian MUST sign event waivers on event day.

A parent or legal guardian MUST sign event waivers on event day. Please note – no waiver, no run, and no exceptions.

What is included in my entry?
A finisher’s medal, headband, wrist band and a fun warm-up.

Will I receive any additional information before the event?
Yes, we will send out a participant information document via e-mail one week before the event. This will include the yays and nays of the event, direction maps with parking and venue details.

Can I leave my bag somewhere while I take part?
Yes, there will be a bag drop at the event center which costs $5 per bag.

Are dogs allowed at the event?
Sorry, we do not allow dogs at our events. Guide dogs and assistance dogs are permitted.

I am pregnant, can I run?
We would advise against it, however, it is your responsibility to contact a medical professional regarding this.

Can I wear a Gopro?
You are able to wear an action camera yes. It is your own responsibility to keep this safe and undamaged.

I can no longer attend, can I amend my booking?
You can transfer you booking to another person or to another event up to one weeks prior to the event, transfers are free of charge, please email and we will assist you.

How do I change my wave time?
Please email for assistance.

Where can I find the waiver?
Please read the waiver here.

You've listed my city as the location, but I've never heard of this venue.
For ease of reference, we use the largest city in the area as our marker and always have our venue within a 50 – 70 mi radius of the advertised location.